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The starting signal has been given

Torsten Herbert and Manuel Drescher found the company EIKONA Medien GmbH, which develops websites for small retailers in Franconia. A self-developed, web-based software framework brought EIKONA the key to success right from the start. Customers not only received a beautiful website, but also a content management system based on the framework, which allowed them to edit their pages all by themselves without any programming knowledge.

From website hosting to full-service IT and cloud partner

In 2005, EIKONA Systems GmbH was founded as a subsidiary of EIKONA AG for the purpose of hosting the websites developed by the mother company and providing highly available servers. This classic hosting is still an essential part of the business today. Over the years, however, the portfolio has expanded to include all relevant services, making EIKONA Systems a full-service IT and cloud partner operating throughout Germany. EIKONA Systems works regionally for companies such as the globally active Schäflein Group or GEOMED-KREISKLINIK and also internationally, for example for CargoLine GmbH & Co. KG or System Alliance GmbH (today:

Process optimization and performance improvement in the logistics industry

Decisive for the foundation of the nowadays largest business unit of the EIKONA Group was a logistics cooperation’s request for a web platform many years ago. Now EIKONA Logistics is a development partner for forwarding agencies and logistics companies. And, once again: the basis for several solutions is a specially developed framework. Based on this, EIKONA Logistics develops supply chain software platforms on which the most diverse logistics processes are mapped and logistics companies are connected with each other and with their customers.

eology GmbH: Establishment of an online marketing agency

EIKONA participates in the establishment of eology GmbH. The online marketing agency complements EIKONA's range of services with the competencies Search Engine Optimization, Brand and Performance Marketing, Content Creation, Content Outreach, Social Media Marketing and Tracking & Analytics. The eology team of experts supports its customers in making their websites or online stores more visible on the web.

That's cinematic

And then cinema as well? Yes, because in this industry as well, a high degree of individuality and automation is required, not least due to the digitalization of the screens. With the Theater Management System from EIKONA Cinema Solutions, cinemas manage theater operations from one place at the click of a mouse. Pre- and main program, lighting, breaks, commercials and much more are controlled automatically without having to visit the projection rooms.

Mobile app for logistics

In logistics in particular, everything revolves around being constantly on the move. However, the systems that are used on the road do not always meet the needs of the logisticians. For EIKONA Logistics it was clear: The previously rigid processes with classic delivery solutions using scanners are too inflexible to respond to short-term and individual requirements. No sooner said than done- we developed our own mobile framework based on Android. This was the preliminary work for the later HABBL app (spoiler alert: more information will be available in 2016).

Platform development for general cargo

Platforms are the links for logistics and industrial companies along the supply chain. They function as a data hub and must offer maximum transparency in the supply chain. With the EIKONA Enterprise Platform, EIKONA Logistics launches a highly scalable and modular platform for the general cargo sector.

Development and implementation of a workflow-based logistics app

The idea was born in 2014, and after two years of intense work, the time has come: The logistics app is here. HABBL relieves drivers and turns the truck into a powerful logistics tool. The workflow software, which can be configured by the logistics company itself, and the associated app provide guidance, simplify workflows and control processes. This turns manual processes into digital workflows. All communication partners along the logistics chain are kept up to date in real time. The communication tool guides the performers step by step through their workflow and enables the documentation of individual work steps. In addition, HABBL can distribute status messages- user-controlled or event-based.

Integration platform for the entire data exchange

With CONIZI, EIKONA develops an independent and comprehensive integration platform for the entire data exchange along the supply chain. The platform simplifies data exchange in logistics processes and links all partners via a single connection, accepts, converts, and distributes data. It thus enables the use of microservices to further process data at any point along the value chain.

Focus on the e-commerce segment

EIKONA Media GmbH is founded. As a holistic e-commerce service provider, EIKONA Media is an expert in the areas of PIM, DAM and e-shops. EIKONA Media enables its customers to achieve more sales through a better product experience. With the help of a strategic business concept, their own media database and best partner solutions, EIKONA Media creates a unique, customer-centric product experience across all channels.

EIKONA brings Daimler to Volkach

With Daimler AG, HABBL and CONIZI have found a new, Swabian owner, who is not famous for using standard German either, but who creates completely new opportunities for their further development as a global corporation. For this purpose, Fleetboard Logistics GmbH, a 100 percent subsidiary of Daimler AG, was founded. But not without being further driven by the Franconian spirit of innovation. Because all familiar EIKONA faces remain in the company.

LUNISA makes recruiting unique

With smart and individually tailored recruiting strategies, EIKONA subsidiary LUNISA takes recruitment to a new level. Through years of experience in recruitment and personnel consulting, they know what is important in the search for employees. Their principle: Away from the standard, because you only reach special people through special methods - there's no just plain old recruiting at LUNISA!

Joint venture with wallbox startup LIBREO

The e-car market in Germany is booming, but really smart and high-quality charging solutions are still a long time coming. Therefore, EIKONA Media participates as a joint venture in the wallbox startup LIBREO. The products of LIBREO have a timeless design and offer high aesthetics with innovative functionality to support the user as well as the power grid in the best possible way.

The OSKAR Middleware is born

The middleware OSKAR creates new ways in the EC system landscape. The product of EIKONA Media connects all relevant systems of the customers with each other and enables a controllable, secure and smooth data transfer. The cloud solution helps companies to configure individual and scalable connections via a user interface. Customers such as SEPHORA, ZEG, Staples or Grillstar have been relying on OSKAR for years.

Launch of EIKONA Logistics Cloud

The applications from our EIKONA Logistics Cloud reliably support mission-critical processes and can be applied just as easily even with large amounts of data. Thus, our customers benefit very quickly and directly from these digital solutions: from order entry (EIKONA Order Management) to shipment tracking (EIKONA Track and Trace) and notification (EIKONA Notification) to visual delivery information (EIKONA Map and ETA), these modules connect all parties involved to supply chains that function in a simple and efficient way. Currently, the EIKONA Logistics Cloud comprises 21 innovative and intelligent modules that can be flexibly combined and scaled- developed with technological competence and industry expertise.

TESSA 2.0 Platform

Digital Asset Management with TESSA 2.0 supports manufacturers and retailers even better in the management of all digital media. With the new dress of TESSA 2.0, media workflows such as release and editing processes can be set up and handled even more easily. In addition, TESSA 2.0 uses Elasticsearch as a new search technology. This means that search queries can be accelerated by up to 70 percent. The enhanced REST API now makes multichannel marketing even easier, and TESSA integrates even better with more than 20 integrations and plugins. In addition, version 2.0 offers a newly developed portal for intelligent media distribution.

Make innovation lean & efficient

With Mile Incube GmbH, a lean incubator is being created with the participation of EIKONA AG, which methodically and efficiently develops solutions in the areas of mobility, IoT, logistics and energy and drives holistic innovations that shape the progress of these areas in a forward-looking way.

EIKONA Business Continuity for more IT security

EIKONA Logistics is the first provider to develop an emergency concept for the event of cyberattacks. The Business Continuity module enables you to prepare for failures of your IT systems. In the event of such a failure, it offers you the option of activating an alternative transport management system that ensures ongoing business operations. It is therefore an indispensable tool for any organisation that wants to ensure the continuity of its critical business processes at all times. The module allows you to concentrate on your core business while we take care of the security of your IT infrastructure.

Together we stand

Making one out of two – tat EIKONA, that’s our motto for welcoming the year 2023. EIKONA Logistics and our former IT system house, EIKONA Systems, take into account their many years of practical experience in logistics and combine their competences under the brand "EIKONA Logistics": Together we are now the provider that offers software solutions for logistics as well as the necessary IT services, hardware and systems from one source. We are logistics experts to the core – from now on, we will work even closer together and take care of our customers’ requirements with the perfect combination of experience and passion.

We are growing

EIKONA Logistics reaches a special milestone in its company history and welcomes the 100th employee to the #TeamEIKONALogistics. Our team is the core of our company, as each new employee brings unique skills and perspectives that contribute to the diversity and strength of EIKONA Logistics. We are proud of what we have achieved together so far and look forward to what is yet to come.

Hey, we are looking for you!

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